4.2 Describe strategies to integrate people with disabilities into health promotion programs.

Integrating people with disabilities into public health promotion campaigns is essential to decreasing health disparities for this population.   There are many resources for strategies to include people with disabilities in health promotion that are available for public health professionals to review.  Being familiar with these strategies will aid in inclusion efforts.

Example:  Montana’s Disability and Health Program has taken a multi-pronged approach in addressing health care barriers faced by women with disabilities in Montana.  MDHP disseminated CDC’s Right to Know Campaign materials to share experiences some women have had trying to access women’s health services, and raise awareness about cancer and other health risks all women face.  MDPH also developed Every Woman Matters: A Montana Multi-media Event Highlighting the Importance of Breast Cancer Screening among Women with Physical Disabilities, which showcases local stories from women with disabilities to the community.  They also worked with mammography facilities throughout Montana to evaluate facility and customer service accessibility and create a Mammography Directory which provides information on mammography service providers by city.  Materials developed and disseminated strategically target multiple audiences to raise awareness and better incorporate people with disabilities into health promotion programs.

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