Competency 4: Implement and evaluate strategies to include people with disabilities in public health programs that promote health, prevent disease, and manage chronic and other health conditions

People with disabilities experience more chronic health problems than people without
disabilities.Having access to health promotion and preventative services is essential for clinic_adult_iowa2011_crpeople with disabilities for improved health outcomes. People with disabilities should be included in health promotion efforts, and disease prevention and management. It is not only the law, but it supports the commitment of public health professionals to ensure the reduction of health disparities.25 In order for professionals to understand the needs of people with disabilities, they need to partner with them in public health efforts.  This competency will help professionals to have foundational knowledge on program planning and health promotion that included people with disabilities.

Learning Objectives

4.1 Describe factors that affect health care access for people with disabilities.

4.2 Describe strategies to integrate people with disabilities into health promotion programs.

4.3 Identify emerging issues that impact people with disabilities.

4.4 Define how environment can impact health outcomes for people with disabilities.

4.5 Apply evaluation strategies (needs assessment, process evaluation, and program evaluation) that can be used to demonstrate impact for people with disabilities.